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These features are great for organizing Gmail inbox

organizing Gmail inbox

Organizing your Gmail inbox is easier when you can master some techniques. We will discuss this in this article, which is full of ideas and tricks.

At present, whether on an individual or professional scale, email is the cornerstone of your communication with the outside world.

And because everyone is vying for your attention, your inbox can quickly become messy. Also, email overload may reduce your productivity.

The inbox is messy, with countless to-do lists, and deadlines must be met, so organizing your inbox is usually your idea.

Fortunately, if you are a Gmail user and organizing your inbox seems like a daunting task, you have come to the right place.

Here we provide a crash course on five Gmail features that can help you guide your inner Marie Kondo and become a professional.

5 best functions for organizing your Gmail inbox

Although the Gmail inbox looks messy, a cluttered inbox can cause a lot of stress and reduce productivity. Please use these five functions to organize your inbox, thank us later.

The label and folder function may be your best friend, and a great way to organize Gmail. It can help you filter and classify emails based on any filters you need.

For example, all emails from free customers can be marked as “free”. In addition, you can also assign colors to make emails more intuitive.

In addition, you can also assign label tasks to Google when you receive an email, saving you all manual work.

Turn on Nudges

As the name suggests, Nudge is an algorithm in Gmail that brings all important emails back to the top when you or the recipient does not reply.

This not only helps you save time, but also keeps reminding (nudge) to send follow-up emails or replies to important emails. You can find this feature in the “General” tab.

There are two main types of nudge functions in Gmail inbox. One is algorithmic suggesting email responses, and the other is suggesting emails that require follow-up.

organizing Gmail inbox

Hit the Unsubscribe Button

Have you ever been annoyed by the countless promotional emails that fill up your inbox? Now is a good time to unsubscribe them. Clicking the unsubscribe button will not only help you reduce the amount of emails you receive.

Usually, we hesitate and tend to think: “What if we need it in the future?” But this kind of thinking will only lead to more emails. However, please be sure to evaluate your current newsletter subscription to ensure that you do not miss any relevant newsletters before unsubscribing.

Leverage Tabs

Although many years have passed, users still cannot handle tags and have established a true love relationship with them. Most of them prefer the classic view instead of sorting emails into different tabs.

Some people complain that they seem to have too many accounts to deal with. With the help of the tag function, you can categorize emails into any number of sections from main, promotion, social to forums, and further organize the Gmail Inbox.

You can also uncheck what you don’t want to see anymore. Now, there is a new development, it is called Google Advanced.

Regularly Clean Your Inbox 

If you want to organize Gmail Inbox, please organize it first. Therefore, before becoming messy and taking up all your time, archive or delete emails that are no longer needed.

This will only help you increase productivity and help you organize better. However, some users worry about the archive button and think they might lose the conversation forever.

But that is not correct. The archive folder is like any other folder, your email is safe here. At the same time, if you decide to delete the conversation, you can get it back within 30 days before the automatic deletion.

The Bottom Line

Organizing Gmail inbox is an art. If you master it, the inbox will not derail your work progress and will not focus your energy. You will be pleasantly surprised by the time you save.

From the social media you are not used to, to the unrelated subscriptions you sign up for, getting rid of them can simplify everything. Just use these 5 functions and you won’t let your inbox bother you anymore.

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