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Google Stadia: Explore unconventional game systems

How Google Stadia Works

Google Stadia is our subject here in this article. When the tech giant Google announced its subscription to cloud games, game enthusiasts all over the world were very surprised and equally excited.

After much anticipation, Google Stadia finally launched on November 19, 2019. Google Stadia promises to play many classic and modern games in multiplayer mode. Besides, because it follows the game streaming model, you no longer need to rely on CDs.

This is how you can access this unconventional gaming system and enjoy an exciting gaming experience. Also, we highlighted subscription fees and the games available on the platform.

About Google Stadia

In short, Google Stadia brings all your favorite games to your laptop and smart TV screens. The basic requirement to maximize its advantages is to use Google Chrome as the default web browser.

Since it is a cloud-based service, all processing is performed by Google servers. As a result, the trouble associated with downloading and installing individual games is now eliminated.

Besides, you can stream games in 4K resolution, 60 fps HDR, and 5.1 surround sound. The recommended Internet speed for these streaming games is 10 Mbps to achieve variable graphics quality. However, you need a 35 Mbps internet connection to enjoy the best quality games.

How Google Stadia Works?

Unlike physical games, cloud streaming services do not require you to have a physical CD of the game you want to play. The game will be streamed directly to your device, and your input on the controller will be sent directly to the server.

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There are two ways to play games through Google Stadia. You can choose to subscribe to Stadia Pro for $10 per month and access the game library. Or, you can use a remote PC to install your favorite games.

Google Stadia pricing Details

Google Stadia offers two main pricing options to meet the different needs of customers. Based on the estimated game time and the range of games that they want to play, players can choose the plan that best suits them.

The price of the premium version of Google Stadia was previously US$129, but has now dropped to US$99. You can purchase this version from the Google Store. The bundle comes with a Chromecast Ultra that can be played on TV and a white Stadia controller.

In addition, when you register for the service with a new account, you can get one month of free access to Stadia Pro. Since then, the price of Stadia Pro subscription is $9.99 per month.

If you don’t want to buy, you can use Stadia Basic for free. However, some of its services have an upper limit of 1080p / 60fps.

How Google Stadia Works

Phones That Support Stadia

After the launch of Google Stadia, its services are limited to Pixel devices and Macs. However, it has gradually increased, and some popular Android smartphones support this game streaming service.

All phones in the Google Pixel series support Google Stadia services. Also, all Samsung Galaxy devices from S8 to S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 8 to Note 10 are compatible with the service.

Besides, you can also stream Google Stadia services on selected ASUS devices (such as the ASUS ROG Phone series). However, an iPhone compatible version of Google Stadia is still being developed.

Games That Are Available 

Google Stadia game library is loaded with a variety of games, covering a variety of genres. These include some classic collections, such as “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”, “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” and “Mortal Kombat 11.” In addition, you can also indulge in exquisite modern games such as PUBG, “Football Manager 2020”, “NBA 2k20” and “Power Rangers: Grid Battle”. In addition, it also has popular game series such as “Tomb Raider” series and “Steam World” series.

The Takeaway

By launching unique cloud-based gaming services like Stadia, technology giant Google has consolidated its position as one of the most innovative organizations. Stadia is an example of modern technological advancements that incorporate traditional gaming experiences.

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